My name is Adi Ariam. I graduated from H.I.T - Holon Institute of Technology in 2020 with a B.A. in interior design. I love traveling the world, explore both nature and man-made structures. I often jog in open spaces as well as in urban routes, and I get inspired by everything I see - building, shapes, materials, compositions and, last not least, nature. 


Since I remember myself I’ve been curious about the relationship been architecture and the environment, and the way in which architecture can help our quality of life while looking after the environment. I believe that good architecture and design consider and incorporate various aspects of the environment, the community and the ambient culture. 


One of the most rewarding experiences during my degree was the student exchange semester in Barcelona (ESDI). I very much enjoyed the stunning architecture in that most beautiful of cities, meeting students from very different cultures and background, and being exposed to exciting new ideas. 

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